The Phoenix Keeps Rising…


One of the joys of my work is seeing how my designs evolve as I make them over and over. I like this soldered and polished version of the phoenix even better than my earlier riveted and textured ones.

Rings with Squiggles and Swirls

1 Maori and fire citrine 011 peridot and moldavite ring 015

I like big. I like plenty of “canvas,” so to speak, to create my designs. Rings are small. So it’s been a challenge to come up with interesting ring styles that give me a sense of freedom to play as I’m making them. But eventually I created some swirly rings that are fun to craft because they’re designed as I go. I start with a stone or two, and a piece of wire, and I just start bending it until it comes together visually for me.

A Blue Moon


One night, I woke up with the complete design for the pendant on the left in my mind. It was so clear that I got up, sketched it in about 10 minutes, then went back to bed. Later, I made several modified versions as custom orders. The blue stones are blue topaz, and the white are rainbow moonstone, and the final photo has diamond, tanzanite and pink tourmaline.

Etching Extravaganza

2012-12-13 002 003Here I am, the mad scientist, trying to figure out the best way to etch sterling silver, copper, and brass. Eventually, after using some hazardous chemicals, I settled on a method that involves running electricity through a chemical bath while the piece is suspended in it. At first I used an old car battery charger, but eventually I purchased a gizmo designed to control the charge.


Adjustable rings, earrings, pendants, cuffs — it’s so much fun to draw my beloved henna designs and transfer them onto metal! Silver, copper and brass — hurray!